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Club Rules and Standards of Behaviour

(Note: These rules are designed as a general guide but in all matters the Club's Constitution takes precedence)


York Gardens Table Tennis Club was founded to promote the sport of Table Tennis as a worthwhile and rewarding sporting pursuit, to provide a facility for players of all ages and of all standards to enjoy the game whether it be in a competitive sense or purely for recreational purposes.

Within that main framework, the club is committed, in particular, to encouraging and attracting younger players to the game and to develop their skills through planned and organised coaching.
These aims can only be achieved in an atmosphere which is friendly but well structured and, in which, all of those players are equally and totally committed to playing Table Tennis.


In order to maintain that structure, it is necessary that ALL players are completely aware of the expected standards of behavior that are associated with all clubs of this nature. A failure to do so results in spoiling the enjoyment of others and, eventually, leads to total disruption.

The Club Committee, who are unpaid volunteers who devote a lot of their time and efforts in the administration of the Club, will not allow such disruption to occur.

Subsequently, all members of York Gardens will observe the following Standards of Behavior:

(i) Your purpose in attending the Club is to play TABLE TENNIS and to respect the desire of others who wish to do that in an atmosphere and under conditions that are conducive to the sport.

(ii) Such an atmosphere denies you the right to participate in any other physical activities such as chasing around the playing areas, interrupting other games, kicking balls of any kind, immature horseplay of any type, abuse of tables and equipment and any other behavior which could be construed as unsporting conduct.

(iii) Bad language, personal argument and taunting or humiliation of other players will not be tolerated.