Season 2016/17 has commenced for the York Gardens Team in the Wandsworth Table Tennis & District League,with York Gardens A & B Sides in     Division 1 and the C Team in Division 2

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York Gardens Angels 1 continue in there winning ways by topping  Division 2 in the 1st weekend of the Womens British League.  October  2016
With Captain Silvis Trenti, Gosia Muda.Hweiching Lim & Zahna Hall who remains undefeated on a 100%. Zahna Hall is currently rank No 4 in the UK Junior Girls. 


Joe"The Don"Leone, Mike"Captain"Noble & Pawel Meryn

York Gardens J have won division 3 and quite rightfully so as they have been this seasons outstanding team. This week they beat Vale C 9 – 1. Joe Leone and Irfaan Baksh were unbeaten for York Gardens J with Mike Noble winning 2, plus they won the doubles. It has been a great season for the J Team Captained by Mike Noble.Well Done Guys.


York Gardens Juniors had a great season playing in the National Juniors League 2015 at Ellensborough TTC in Enfield Town.They finished in 2nd place in Division 1.Anxho               Pasha was the star player for York Gardens.who continues to improve every match,also playing was Tyreek Edwards,Anthony Aitkins & Debuting Adam Pakash...

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York Gardens Juniors.Tyreek Edwards.Anthony Aitkins.Anxho Pasha.& Coach Ismai'l Miller.


  • York Gardens Cadets B won the Division 2 Title at Byng Hall In Tunbridge Wells this weekend with winning 5 out 5.Kevin Giraldo. Justin Hwang topped the averages with 8 out 8 wins and Thomas McCann winning 6 out of 8,a fabulous preformance by The B Team,( York Gardens Cadets B 

  • In Division 1 the York Gardens Cadets finished in 4th Place ,they played 5 matches,won 1.drew 3 and lost one..David Ismaili won 6 out of 8 and Benjanin Palmer -Jones 4 of 8 and Alexander Guertin 7 of 10. and finally Ghiajhinn Yatali losing 4 of 4..It was a good experience for all of our cadets in there first season in the National Cadet League..Many thanks to all the Parents and Family & Friends that Carried and Supported the Cadets, also to all the Staff at Byng Hall for all the hard work that they put in to make it a day for all the Players and Coaches.


  • York Gardens Top Division 1 teams  A & D Team will battle it out in the final of the Presidents Cup.York Gardens A are the currently holders of this coveted Trophy..who will be the 2015 Champions ? Come along on the 10th April and enjoy some great Table Tennis.

Four of York Gardens Cadets played the Joola Plymouth 2 Star Tournament in Plymouth 2nd March 2015 and they didn't disappoint. in there 1st Tournament David Ismaili won Silver in the Consolations.Ben Palmer -Jones,Alexander Guertin & 9 year old Brandon Sangchin all played some great table tennis,Brandon Sangchin coming in 3rd  place.beating players much older than himself..

There next outing will be at Byng Hall in Tunbridge Wells on the 8th March where they are joint top of Division there 1st season.


York Gardens Angels 1 & II Rose to the occasion at The Doncaster Dome on the 7-8th Feb 2015 at the Womens British League by being Crowned Division 4 & 5 Champions,with Team 1 winning the 4th Division and Team ll winning the 5th Division..Team 1 was led by Silvia Trenti,Lina Kazimieraityte.Annie Lo..Team ll was Kimiko Williams (Capt) Jessica Monis,Sandy Nash,& Wang (Mimi) Lei Wei..Our Ladies played superb table tennis to clinch the Division Titles..Please Click on the Link to see the results and players averages..Well Done York Gardens Angels.

York Garden D Wins The Wandsworth Table Tennis League 2014 Division 1 Title.


York Gardens Cadets A & B

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The York Gardens A & B Cadets had their second outing to Byng Hall in Tunbridge Wells playing in the National Cadet League,it was hard fought day for the York Gardens B who finished in 5th Place in Division 1.The B Team played 5.won 1,drew 1 & lost 3, Star player for the B Team was Thomas Mc Cann who played 8 and won 4.finishing on 50%,next was Kevin Giraldo who played 8 and winining 2 finishing on 25%,Spencer Blyth had a disasterous days play,he played 8 and had 8 loses ,finishing on 0% allthough he had some very close matches,so all to play for in February for the B team who will surely bounce back.
York Gardens Cadets B
Silvia Trenti (Coach).Kevin Giraldo,Spencer Blyth,& Thomas McCann.

York Gardens A in Division  2 started the day in 3rd place in Division 2,they finished the day on Top of Division 2,four points ahead of Rother A..York Gardens A won all their matches winning 5 out of 5 
with Benjamin Palmer Jones who remains undeafeted in the Cadet National League, Benjamin and David Ismaili both finishing on 100%,followed by Alexander Guertin on 75%,the most improved players were Ghiajhinn Yatali & Ivan Stassiouk who both won 3 out of 4 putting them also on 75%. A great performance from the A Team.

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York Gardens Cadets "A"&"B" National League

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York Gardens Cadets A Team played there first National Cadet League on Sunday 9th November 2014 at Byng Hall TTC in Tunbridge Wells. The A Team players were Benjamin Palmer-Jones.David Ismaili.Ivan Stassiouk,Alexander Guertin, & Ghiajhinn Yatali. 
       The A team started off well with a 5-1 win against Rother A.The A team played 5 matches in total.1 Win.3 Draws.1 Lost.Star Player for the A team was Benjamin Palmer-Jones who finished top of the averages with a 100%. Benjamin won all his 8 matches.
       David Ismaili finished on 67% winning 4 out of 6 matches,next was Alexander Guertin on 38%  winning 3 out of 8..Ivan Stassiouk  was on 25% winning 1 out of his four matches,Lastly Ghiajhinn Yatali on 0% lossing his four matches,also he came very close in winning two matches when he had two match points in each match..All that said it was a very good performance from our Cadets on there 1st outing showing some good promise. The A Team are currently in 3rd Place in Division 2.
York Gardens Cadets A
Ghiajhinn Yatali.David Ismaili.Alexander Guertin.Ivan Stassiouk.Benjamin Palmer-Jones.

York Gardens "B" Cadet Team also played there first  National Cadet League at Byng Hall on the 09th November 2014 in Tunbridge Well, Team B player are Thomas McCann,Spencer Blyth & Kevin Giraldo, they are currently in 4th place in Division 1 having played 5 matches in total they won 2 & lost 3..Thomas Mc Cann has 7 wins and is on 70%. Kevin Giraldo has 6 wins and is on 60%.Spencer Blyth has 3 wins and is on 30%.a good result for the Boys in there 1st outing, Well Done to both the York Gardens Cadets Team.

York Gardens Cadets "B"

        Kevin Giraldo.   Thomas McCann   Spencer Blyth.

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Wandsworth Open Championship 2014

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The Wandsworth Open Championships were held at York Gardens. It was a Clean sweep for The  York Gardens Players with Laikram Persaud Winning the Open Singles Final,The Open Doubles with Steve Holloway,Then Laikram Persaud went on to win the Veterans Final against Musa Faraquaharan.he then went on to win the Veterans Doubles with Philip Sangchin..Musa Faraquaharan won the Handicap Doubles with Tom Coady & Leo Veinsreider won the Handicap Singles.

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Senior British League Division 2 Midlands

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York Gardens II are currently in 5th place in Division 2 of the Senior British League ,Midlands.. Team 2 Players are Patrick Green,Miroslv Pazdzior,Michael Julian,Marlos Michaelides.

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Senior British League Division 3 South

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York Gardens IV Senior British League Team are currently in 7th place in the League.Team IV Players are Osman Yildirim,Sanga Quamina,Simon Holohan.David Liu.Colin Morrow.

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Senior British League Division 2 South

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York Gardens 111 British League Team are Currently in 4th Place in Division 2 .Team 3 are Andrew Norwood, Richard Carden,Neil Cartwright,Simon Forest.
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Senior British League Division 1 South

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York Gardens Senior British League Team,are currently on top of Division 1 South,with  Wayne Matthews (Capt) Aaron McKibbin.Chris Lewis,Daniel McTeirman.Khalid Hussain Alotaibi,Andrew Smith

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York Gardens Juniors

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Well done to York Gardens Juniors who are on Top of there Division.
 York Gardens Juniors Players are  Anxho Pasha, Anthony Atkins & Tyreek Edwards.

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York Gardens Womens British League team gain promotion to Division 4

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York Gardens Womens British League team finished in 2nd place in Division 5 gaining Promotion to Division
was an excellent weekend with some great match play by our players
winning 3 out of 5 matches over the weekend. The team comprised of Silvia
Trenti ,Eszter  Igaz, Elana Moraru,& Rodica Chiritescu.

York Gardens Angels

York Gardens Angels Rostrum

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