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Lambeth Open Tournament






With events for;

Juniors (Under 18s as at 31.12.09)
Cadets (Under 15s as at 31.12.09)

Approved by the ETTA & Surrey County TTA

To be held at:

Dunraven School, 94-98 Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London SW16 2QB



COMMENCING at 8.30am

CLOSING DATE for entries: Monday 17th August 2009

Tournament Referee: Alan Shepherd (NR) Tel: 020 8441 5775

Assistant Tournament Referee: Barry Granger (I.U)

Tournament Organiser: Alex Facey Tel: 07961 192 844
Address: The Red House 53 Wickham Rd, London SE4 1LT
Assistant Organiser: Trevor Campbell

Organising Committee: Alex Facey, Trevor Campbell, Tom Draper, Sue Adamson, Alan Shepherd (N.R), Barry Granger (IU)


8.30am-12pm: Juniors & Cadets

12.30-9pm: All other events and finals 

Mixed Banded singles event Open to:
Men (with less than 2750 rating)
Women (With less than 2000 Rating) 
1. ALL entries must be POSTED to: Alan Shepherd, Flat 6,32 Green Rd, Southgate,London,N14 4AU by no later than Monday 17th August 2009, with email address provided, or if not possible, a stamped self-addressed envelope. 

2. The draw will be held on Saturday 22nd August 2009.

3. If it is necessary to restrict entries, restriction will be on the basis of last received, first out. Entries will be limited to 64 entrants in each event. Emailed/late entries will only be accepted if there is still space in the draw after the closing date.

4. Competitors will be informed by email (if email address provided) or by post of the times of their opening matches hopefully on Tuesday 25th August. 

5. There will be refreshments including sandwiches available for purchase on the day, together with ample free parking. There are showers & changing room facilities.

6. Play will take place on 10 Joola tables with Joola nets and posts and with Bribar scoring machines.

7. Play will be with Butterfly 3 star white balls.

8. Tables will be individually courted. Min ceiling height: 5m; Court Size: 10m X 5m.

9. Lighting is with general fluorescent lighting. Light intensity is 500 lux.

10. The venue has lino flooring.

11. There will be no admission charge.

12. The results from this tournament will qualify for computer ranking points

13. Trophies will be awarded in all events for winners & runners-up.

14. Parents & coaches are asked to ensure their children/players do not wander around the school unsupervised. The only areas entrants are allowed into are the main hall, the foyer & the toilets. School equipment should not be tampered with.

15. Please note that once an entry is received, no refunds will be offered under any circumstances, other than the case where the player does not get into the event if it is full up.

16. Entrants will need to be flexible with timings, as you won’t know which event you’re in & therefore what time you’re on, until after the closing date.

17. The Entry Form will incorporate a Player’s Undertaking as follows:- “I undertake (a) to observe the regulations of the tournament (b) to abide by the decisions of the Referee, and (c) to fulfill the schedule of play arranged for me unless prevented from doing so by circumstances beyond my control and accepted as such by the Referee.”

1. ETTA Tournament Regulations apply to this tournament. ITTF Regulations for International Competitions apply except those relating to the matters covered by items marked (x) on this entry form.

2. Every entrant must be Affiliated to ETTA Ltd or be a member of another National Association in membership of the ITTF.

3. Every player must hold a valid ETTA Player License for season 2009-10 or have paid the appropriate Single Tournament License Fee with their entry form unless he/she provides proof of being a member of another National Association affiliated to the ITTF and is not affiliated to the ETTA Ltd.

4. Completion and submission of this entry form signifies agreement by the entrant to the conditions of the competition, including variations from the ITTF requirements and to the storage of information about the competitor on a computer system.

5. All matches shall be the best of five games up to 11. All events will be in the same format with up to 64 players in each event. If fully subscribed, there will be groups of 3/4 in each event, with top 2 in each group going through to the nock-out rounds & the bottom 2 going into a consolation round if time permits. The final order in a Group shall be decided as per ITTF Regulation 3.7.5. The format may be varied at the discretion of the Organiser in light of entries received.

6. Competitors may enter all events for which they are eligible.

7. Competitors must report to Control on arrival, and must not leave the hall without obtaining permission. Players absent when called upon to play are liable to be scratched.

8. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel any event if entries are lower than 4.

9. There will be no separate practice facilities. Competitors will be permitted to practice on match tables at the discretion of control.

10. Players will be expected to umpire matches during Group play, and may be required to umpire one match in each event entered in any knockout stage. No assistant umpire will be appointed at any stage (x).

11. Players’ clothing: ETTA Appendix ‘C’ to Rules will apply (x)

12. Doping shall not take place either before or during play.

13. No gluing up will be allowed in the building.

14. No competitor or official shall engage in betting on players or matches.

15. Match results will be submitted for inclusion in the ETTA computer ranking scheme.

16. All competitors must have been born in 1992 or later for Juniors & 1995 or later for Cadets events.

17. PRIZE FUND (Prizes reflect the number of players in each event)

   Winner Runner-Up
 MS  £300 £150
 WS  £100  £50  
 MXBS  £100  £50  
 JBS  £50  £25  
 JGS  £50  £25  
 CADXS  £30  £20  


Dunraven School is situated approximately 500 yards along Leigham Crt Rd from the junction of Streatham Hill and Streatham High Rd on the A23.

Nearest train station is: Streatham Hill B.R station which is approximately 10 minutes walk.

Many buses can be taken from Brixton Tube station which is approximately 15 minutes travelling time.

For more details please go to the following website: Google, then Dunraven School and click on Maps